The Wine Club

Windmill Wine Club

The Wine Shop incorporates our well established wine club offering a wide range of specially selected fine wines, from everyday drinking wines to special occasion and gift wines.  Six wines are selected in 6 different categories every second month which are then billed to and delivered to members . 78 such selections have been made since the club started in 2003.

Members are also invited to attend regular wine tasting events arranged for club members with visiting winemakers and experts who present their wines.

Join the club today and have your 6 bottles of quality wine delivered to you every second month - or if you prefer, you can collect your selection at the Wine Shop. You are billed for each selection of 6 wines delivered to you on each occasion. In addition an annual club fee of NS145 is payable upon joining the club and thereafter on your anniversary of joining the club.

The wines are carefully chosen and are provided with descriptions and tasting notes. We have 6 different categories of selections - each with a price range within which the respective selections will fall.

You can choose from the red only selection, mixed ( red and white wine) and only white wines. There are also three similar categories in our reserve range which features four star and better or gold medal wines.

Your wines will be delivered to your door step or workplace or you can collect them from the shop if you would prefer that.

The price ranges for the different categories are as follows:

Red wine club ranges from N$457—N$595 (for 6 bottles)
Mixed (3 red and 3 white) from N$405—N$569
White wine only from N$355 – N$478
The reserve selections all range from N$740 –N$935

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